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Take a hike in a good way, that is Post Image

Take a hike in a good way, that is

July 02, 2020

By John Challis/ Photography by Andy Zeltkahns It took years – millions of them – for humans to evolve the unique set of muscles and skills needed to stand and walk upright. Yet many of us still run out of breath just climbing a flight of stairs. It’s just too handy to...

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Muskoka Moments Post Image

Muskoka Moments

June 01, 2020

Sharing and protecting Muskoka By Nancy Tapley My Muskoka moments are all tangled up with place, sharing that space with the animals that have lived here and introducing people to this magic. We have lived on this property, 600 acres of mostly wilderness called Bondi, since my grandparents came in 1905....

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What's Happened Post Image

What's Happened

May 31, 2020

Robinson’s General Store in Dorset is for sale For 99 years, Robinson’s General Store has been providing a range of goods to the Dorset community. Several generations of the same family and 14 additions later, they’ve decided it’s time to sell. The sprawling store and its upstairs living quarters, along with...

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Cottage Country Cuisine Post Image

Cottage Country Cuisine

May 29, 2020

Good morning, Muskoka!  Here’s your delicious local breakfast Article by Karen Wehrstein / Photography by Tomasz Szumski The first meal of the day is arguably the most important, getting you started off nutritionally and emotionally. And, oh, there are some fine ones available in Muskoka, from the sublimely simple to the...

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Experiments inspire author's creative writing  Post Image

Experiments inspire author's creative writing

May 28, 2020

Article by Matt Driscoll Adam Dickinson has spent his career exploring the intersection of the literary and scientific worlds. It’s a place few authors venture but it’s one that’s provided unexpected dividends for the Bracebridge born and raised Dickinson. The author of four books of poetry, Dickinson is also a creative...

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Taking a Gamble on Eggs  Post Image

Taking a Gamble on Eggs

May 26, 2020

Article by Karen Wehrstein / Photography by Heather Douglas Taking a chance on raising farm fresh eggs has paid off for Alexandra and Dan Gamble. Four years ago, the couple was operating a printing and display business in Queensville. They recognized they were in a declining industry and, as outdoors-loving people, they...

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