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Muskoka Moments Post Image

Muskoka Moments

November 20, 2019

A lifetime of moments or Muskoka365 By Phil Harding Muskoka moments and Muskoka365, as I am known across social media, for me is made up of many, many, many moments in life. When all stitched together, they turn days into weeks, months into years and decades into lifetimes.  So to back up...

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Cottage Country Cuisine Post Image

Cottage Country Cuisine

November 18, 2019

Meals to warm your heart in a cold winter Article by Karen Wehrstein / Photography by Tomasz Szumski One of Canada’s greatest pastimes is winter survival: finding ways to alleviate the chill in the air, our bones and our hearts. Insofar as food is love, or at least something to love, there...

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What’s Happened Post Image

What’s Happened

November 17, 2019

Task force recommends two new hospital builds Following two years of work, the Capital Plan Development Task Force has recommended to the Muskoka Algonquin Health Care board of directors two new hospital builds for the region. In 2018, the board, based on a task force recommendation, endorsed a two acute sites service...

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Wanda III and Muskoka Discovery Centre Post Image

Wanda III and Muskoka Discovery Centre

November 16, 2019

By J. Patrick Boyer Classy steam-era yacht Wanda III embodies a unique Muskoka saga. Neither the Toronto shipbuilders fashioning Muskoka’s fastest vessel back in 1915, nor the renowned Eaton family taking delivery of her, could possibly have imagined the charmer’s impact on Muskokans, today. More than a century on, this elegant steamer...

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Climbers Grab On To Winter Post Image

Climbers Grab On To Winter

November 15, 2019

Article by Matt Driscoll / Photography by Tomasz Szumski Unknown to most but not far off the beaten trail, towers of frozen ice beckon adventurous souls. For decades, climbers have sought the beauty, solitude and the challenge of Muskoka’s ice walls. “It’s an incredible way to get outside and appreciate winter,” says...

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Portage Flyer Christmas Train - The Joy of an Annual Tradition Post Image

Portage Flyer Christmas Train - The Joy of an Annual Tradition

November 14, 2019

Article by Dawn Huddlestone / Photography by Tomasz Szumski Take the tenacity of The Little Engine That Could, toss in some of the magic of the Polar Express, and place it along a picturesque bend in the Muskoka River and you’ve got the makings of a “supermagicated” Christmas celebration like no...

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