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District of Muskoka Declares Flood Emergency

A State of Emergency was declared by District Chair Klinck at 5:33pm on Sunday April 28th, 2019 under the Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act due to severe flooding in much of Muskoka. The District has activated its Emergency Plan and its Emergency Control Group (ECG) and is monitoring the situation closely. Click here view emergency resources, detailed road closures and drinking water advisory District of Muskoka Emergency Bulletin.

The current municipalities within the district that have also declared a state of emergency are the Town of Bracebridge, Town of Huntsville and Township of Muskoka Lakes. The Canadian Armed Forces have been called in to the Town of Bracebridge to assist.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes and Bracebridge have asked that seasonal residents stay away due to many impassible roads due to flooding. A reminder to all there is floating debris everywhere and it is not safe to be out on the water.

There have been many residences evacuated from flooded homes. Due to heavy rain last Friday, water levels have shot up by almost a foot and are now 0.25 m [10 inches] above the 2013 record flood level. A similar amount of rain is forecast for Wednesday, May 1st. This means that all shorelines structures, if not already, will be flooded and many will be substantially submerged. At this time the expectation is that the water levels will not begin to recover to normal until the weekend of May 24th or later. This is dependent on the current weather forecast and a change in forecasted rainfall could change this date.

What to Expect:
* Most docks and boathouses on Lake Muskoka are under 18-24” underwater
* Water is beginning to lap over docks on Lake Joseph
* Docks on Lake Rosseau are underwater
* Floating personal items & debris
* Floating docks, unless weighted down
* Boats floating off winter storage supports
* If low ceiling in boathouse, boats may hit roof
* Beware all low situated electrical service, may be shorted out and dangerous
* Ice damage to shoreline structures
* Significant shoreline erosion in progress

Many local roads are closed, check the District of Muskoka website : for current information

State of emergency may make services available to impacted residents

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